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Bollard Lifter: tool to easily lift 4 inch pipe bollards from their in-ground sleeve. Easy to carry, too. Angled Top-Side View.Stems in 3 diameters to choose from in each Hartman Wood Hole Cover Kit, and 3 Kit sizes, totaling 9 pre-cut hole plug sizesHartman Hole Dome's flexible fins allow the hole plug to adjust to diameter of hole; OSHA required labeling on hole cover topEscalator Step Covers Protect an Existing Escalator During Remodel - Hartman ProductsThe Dumper in operation at LAXConstruction Worker using a Hartman Bollard Lifter to lift a 4" removable pipe bollard with ease, using only one handConstruction Worker removed a pipe bollard from the ground with ease, using a Hartman Bollard Lifter.Hartman Wood Hole Plugs, top view of the 3 color-coded hole cover kits. Each fits 3 specific hole sizes, totaling 9 pre-cut sizes.Hartman Bollard Remover uses friction to grip the pipe bollard, and has an ergonomic handle to easily lift and carry itConstruction worker easily carries a 4" diameter pipe bollard with one hand, using a Hartman Bollard LifterCupertino Electric at LAX Before and With Hartman Hole DomesYellow Hartman Hole Dome HHD_3.75-5.5 installed in hole to prevent injuries, as required by OSHA for construction sitesBollard Lifter: tool to easily lift 4 inch pipe bollards from their in-ground sleeve. Easy to carry, too. Angled Top-Side View.The Dumper - time saving equipment for construction site debris removal accomodates most container sizes - Hartman ProductsHartman Hole Domes in 3 sizes cover 2.5"-8" construction site holes.Bollard Lifter: tool to easily lift 4 inch pipe bollards from their in-ground sleeve. Easy to carry, too. Top View.

-NEW-  Bollard Lifter

Removable Pipe Bollard “Lifter”.

This removable bollard lifter is designed to “quickly” and “easily” grip, lift up, and remove a removable pipe bollard.

Hartman Bollard Lifter friction grips the bollard you need to remove.

The ergonomic handle is efficient, convenient, and comfortable.

Quickly and easily remove and carry bollards.

Our Bollard Lifter improves worker safety.

No more “bear-hugging” and straining to remove a pipe bollard from the inground sleeve.

The HBL-4 Bollard Lifter is made to lift a 4″ diameter pipe bollard.
It fits over a 4″ pipe screw-on end cap.

This removal bollard lifter is for use with:

  • unfinished steel pipe bollards
  • galvanized pipe bollards
  • polyethylene covered bollards

Hartman Hole Dome | Premium Hole Cover

Hartman Hole Dome Hole Plugs automatically adjust to fit.

Securely covers hole sizes from 2.5 inches to 8.0 inches in diameter.

Perfect for plugging electrical and plumbing holes.

No manual adjustments.

No Moving Parts.


Embedded Steel Plates to bear weight of Heavy Equipment

Satisfies OSHA regulations for Covering Holes at Construction Sites.

EC&M‘s 2015 Product of the Year Contest, Category Winner.

Hartman Hole Domes featured in..

Wood Hole Cover | Cheapest Hole Plug Ever

Quick-assembly, pre-cut wood hole plugs

Each kit includes stems for 3 specific hole sizes.

Screw stem onto lid, and press into hole.

Sturdier, Cheaper, and Easier to use than the competition.

Kit available for 2.0 inch to 8.0 inch diameters, at 1/2 inch intervals.

Satisfies OSHA regulation for Covering Holes in walls and floors at Construction Sites.

Cheapest Hole Cover / Hole Plug on the market!

2nd easiest Hole Plug to use (after Hartman Hole Domes)


Escalator Step Covers

Protect an existing Escalator during Remodel.

Quickly “wrap” an escalator to protect it during remodel.

Save thousands in manpower, over the time consuming frustrating roll your own method.

Preformed. Tape into place.

Protects new escalators from leaks dust, scratches, spills, and other construction hazards.

Re-usable. Buy once, use on multiple escalator installs.

Safety strips prevent slipping, made for walking on.

Meets OSHA regulations.

Escalator Step Covers featured in…


The Dumper

Increase Efficiency for Debris Removal.

Reduce exposure to Workman’s Comp claims.

Redirect manpower to more productive tasks.

Rent, or Purchase.

Custom Options Available.



The Dumper in operation at LAX


Look for More Products later this year

  • Driver (coming soon)


Mike Hartman has been in the construction industry more than 30 years

Being in the field he has found a need for products to increase job hazard safety, increase production rates, and the reduce bottom line expense.
All this adds up to Increased Profit !

Some tasks need to be done in a safer, more efficient manner.
Hartman Products provides Quality affordable Products to fulfill these needs.


We Stand Behind All our Products

Located in California, Hartman Products is proud to be American.
We take pride in helping businesses in America.
We manufacture all of our products, right here in the U.S.A. and North America.
When you buy a product from Hartman Products you can be confident in the knowledge that you are buying from a “Made In America” manufacturer*.
We stand behind all our high quality products.

* Step Covers are manufactured in Canada, North America