-NEW- Bollard Lifter

Hartman Bollard Lifters quickly and easily lift and carry removable bollard pipes.
No more ‘bear hugs’ and straining to remove them.
Our bollard lifters are designed for 4″ bollards. Fits over screw-on end caps for 4 inch bollards. Works with unfinished steel, galvanized, and polyethylene covered bollards.

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Wood Hole Covers

Cheapest Hole Plugs on the Market! Quick to install. Simple to use. Effective.
Choose pre-cut “stem” to match hole diameter. Screw into pre-cut “lid”. Press into hole.

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Hartman Hole Domes

Premium Hole Plugs. Best Hole Plugs / Hole Covers on the market!
Hartman Hole Domes automatically adjust to the diameter of the hole you need to cover.
No moving parts, these hole plugs are designed for quick installation and removal.
Embedded steel plates. Meets OSHA requirements for heavy loads. Reusable!

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Escalator Step Covers

Escalator Step Covers protect an existing escalator during remodel. Reusable!
Quick and Easy installation saves $1,000’s in labor typically required to “wrap” an escalator.

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  • Escalator Step CoversPack of 15ESC-15

    Escalator Step Covers
    Pack of 15


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    Escalator Step Covers (15-Pack)

    $30 ea x 15 pieces

    Reusable, fits 1000mm wide escalators.
    Protect an existing escalator during remodel.

    May need to be special ordered. Contact Us for ordering details and turn around time


    Escalator Step Covers
    Pack of 15

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The Dumper

The Dumper is an cost effective, time saving, piece of equipment for debris removal.
Reduce redundant material handling, hazardous risk, and Workman’s Comp claims.

the dumper

Each Dumper is Custom Built to your ordered Specifications. (more info)
Please Contact Mike Hartman Directly for purchases and more information.


Why Hartman Products

Hartman Products are Quality construction related products designed to increase efficiency, safety, production rates, and bottom line profits on large and medium scale construction projects.

  • The Dumper (assist in debris removal – Workman’s Comp – labor savings)

Hartman Products creates products to solve many large scale and small construction problems, increasing efficiency, minimizing labor costs, reducing risk hazard.

We have found a need for products to increase job hazard safety, increase production rates, and the reduce bottom line expense.

Some tasks need to be done in a safer, more efficient manner, and quality, affordable products are needed to fulfill these needs.
Hartman Products.