Hartman Products are Quality products designed to increase efficiency, safety, production rates, and bottom line profits on large and medium scale construction projects.

  • More Products under development for 2015 release !

Hartman Products creates products to solve many large scale and small construction problems, increasing efficiency, minimizing labor costs, reducing risk hazard.


Mike Hartman is a Project Superintendent, Inventor, and Entrepreneur.

Being in the construction field for over 30 plus years he has found a way to make the jobs easier, faster, and more profitable, while maintaining quality of which he is known.

Some tasks need to be done in a safer, more efficient manner.
Affordable Quality Hartman Products fulfill these needs.


Located in Southern California, Hartman Products is proud to be American and seeks to help American businesses to thrive.
We manufacture ALL of our top quality products, right here in the U.S.A. and North America.

When you choose Hartman Products you can be confident that you are buying Quality products from a “Made In America” supplier*.
* Step Covers are manufactured in Canada, North America

We stand behind our products.